Tax- What You Need to Know When Owning a Rental Property in NZ


It is essential for all the business owners to discern how profitable and money making they are at any time. In today’s world of business, the conventional ways of annual accounting are certainly inappropriate and especially where it comes to securing success for small businesses, small business accounting is of utmost importance.

Nevertheless, the financial matters which are linked with small businesses are quite different from that of large or huge business houses and understating these matters as well as accounting is extremely crucial for the appropriate administration of the small businesses. This understanding further leads to right allocation of acknowledgment, correct business activities, suitable use of funds, enhanced decision making and quick evaluation of the competitors.

A small business is an enterprise that is usually small in scale regarding a number of employees and sales revenues. A large majority of the businesses in Tauranga are a small business. These businesses are usually registered as sole proprietor, meaning one individual owns it, or partnership, meaning 2 or more people owns the business.

One of the problems facing a small business Tauranga is regarding accounting. With the limitation of funds, some accounting is done by the business owner. The entrepreneur is tasked to run the business and at the same time handles the day-to-day accounting requirements of the company. Because of this, the company is often penalized by the government for late payment of taxes, late submission of tax documents and at times, non-submission of tax forms.

Also, the business can also be penalized for erroneous computations of tax dues. The business owner has his/her hands full with running the business that handling the accounting requirements can be turned over to another person.

A business owner can hire an in-house accountant, or he/she can outsource the small business accounting work to a firm like Tax Link Accounting. An outsourced accountant can sometimes be more beneficial than hiring an employee because it is less expensive to outsource than to hire. Also, the outsourced accountant doesn’t need a designated space while an in-house needs his/her space in the office.

In choosing small business accountants in Tauranga, some tips can be useful. Before opening a business, the business owner must have a ready accountant. Since a Certified Public Accountants requires a license before he/she can practice the profession, one has to make sure that he/she has a license. The accountant must have experience in the kind of industry the business is in.

Also in a small business accounting setup, before hiring an outside Certified Public Accountants to make sure that one knows how much the accountant charges. Fees charged by firms can vary widely. It is good practice to compare the accountant fees with industry standards. The accountant must be able to fill the needs of the company. Before hiring an accountant, one has to interview at least 3 or more prospective accountants so one can compare which among the three will best serve the company’s purpose.

In handling the accounting needs of the company, the business owner must ask the prospective accountant about other possible business support services he/she can offer to the company like sales tax and payroll tax reporting services. Some Certified Public Accountants offer business advice to help the enterprise grow.

Also, the accountant best fitted to handle the small business accounting is the CPA whose accounting firm is also small. Accountants who own small firms understand how small businesses are run. They also have the time and resources to share with the business owner. It’s one thing to have a fancy degree in business and another to have practical experience running a small business. If the business owner sells the business, the accountant must be good enough to discuss with the owner how to go about with the sale so that tax liabilities are minimized.

Before signing up an accountant for the small business accounting, the business owner must ask the accountant for client references so that the owner can investigate. One must also make sure that the accountant establishes a business relationship with the owner, meaning the accountant has time to visit the company now and then rather than just seeing him/her only when it’s tax filing season.

The Small Business Accounting necessarily includes three major financial measures- Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement. The Profit and Loss Statement illustrates whether the business at small scale is money making or not. This statement is a testimonial that speaks the truth about the business i.e. how the business is going on and further covers the certain period, either quarterly or monthly.

While the Balance Sheet shows the worth of the business. It is the statement which lists all the liabilities as well as assets of the business at a specific point in time. The Cash Flow Statement gives an idea regarding the future cash balance of the business at small scale. It is the statement that covers the upcoming period and thereby predicts the future capital requirements of the small business enterprise before the necessity arises. There are two prime methods of Small Business Accounting including the Cash Basis method and the Accrual Method.

In Cash Basis accounting method the bill payments are acknowledged as expenses and cash receipts are acknowledged as income. The vast majority of the small business proprietors’ use this business accounting method since it is easy to understand as well as implement.

In this method, the entry of revenue in accounts do not depend upon the actual compilation of cash. At any time when the product or service is sold, the transaction is recorded within the accounts as accounts receivable, even in the case if the client has not given the price. When the revenue is realized then, the account receivable gets converts into cash in the recorded accounts.

Likewise, if any overhead incurred by the small business enterprise then it is recorded in the form of expenses in accounts even in the case when the bills are cleared much later. Typically, the small business possessors that are engaged in the manufacturing business use the accrual method of business accounting.

The accrual method of business accounting includes some important issues about the Small Business Accounting, which includes tax liability issue (payroll tax, income tax), maintaining the separate business transactions, internal control, and the quarterly returns. Also, the bank account reconciliation and the employee benefits policy are few other issues included in accrual method of business accounting. Consideration of all the things is very essential for a successful and a faultless business counting.

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